Main Store Sampling

FaithFactr is a A rare kind of store copyT-2

After three years of work of researching thousands of vendors, World Prayr is finally ready to offer a sampling of what’s coming in its store that will officially open later this year. We have researched thousands of vendors to narrow the list down to over 300 vendors that we will be working with. Imagine the time that would take and you get an idea of how much we care about the success of this store.

Why do we care so much? Because this store is testament to the belief that we founded World Prayr on. A belief that when Paul said in Philippians 2:4 to not only look upon your own things, but also the things of others, he meant ministries as well. That is why 100% of the profit is given away to a ministry or church of your choice, not ours. A unique concept we know, but we believe that you will be blown away by the opportunity to do so.

This store is also important for another reason. It is our wish to follow Paul’s example to the church of Thessalonica, when he said that he worked day and night so as not to be a burden, while they delivered the gospel. So, not only are we looking at how to help other ministries and churches, (BTW – They call that being big kingdom minded.) this is the principal way in which World Prayr will meet it’s own ministry needs.

We also believe that with the categories you see listed here and the collage of products below, you will see that FaithFactr is really a unique one of a kind store.


Sampling Of Main Store Categories

Collage Sampling Of Store Products 

Main Store Product Collage