About FaithFactr

Well how did we get here? Some think it has taken forever, and it may seem that way, but it really has been an ongoing process as you are about to see. What’s that, you say, you heard we are giving away 100% of the profit. You heard correct, read on and you will not only discover the history of Faith Factr, but how giving away the profit actually works.

Monthly Updates

2003 – An idea for a unique store was born.

2006 – The dream died!

2009 – A unique ministry was given birth to.

2012 – The leadership of that ministry began searching and creatively thinking about an innovative way to not only support their kingdom work but the kingdom work of others.

The idea given birth to was the rebirth of that dream in 2003. World Prayr ministry leadership in their desire to continue to live the message of Philippians 2:4 and Romans 12:10 and to be BIG kingdom minded decided to open a unique store. A store that would be like shopping at a Kohl’s, Target, Ross and a Christian Bookstore at the same time. With one unique twist!

When was the last time you shopped at one of those stores and someone asked you “who would you like to give 100% of the profit to?” “Has never happened and never will” you say, and we agree with you. That was the unique twist World Prayr leadership wanted in this store. This store was not to be just another market idea on how to climb, but a lesson in how to “Work To Give.”

With every purchase you make in Faith Factr, you will have the opportunity to choose a ministry of your choice to donate 100% of the profit to. Faith Factr is the culmination of thousands of hours of development, design, finding vendors, choosing products and making sure that as a store it would have the best opportunity not only to be unique in a crowded market, but to have the biggest Kingdom impact it could.
Dream Comes Alive

So Ready To Shop-N-Donate?!

So How Does It Work

1. Let’s Go Shopping!

2. Found Your Products or Products You Want To Buy?

3. Buy Them!

4. We Make a Donation!

It Really Is That Simple 

There are no rewards to work towards. – A donation is made with every purchase.

You do not donate! – We Do! 

You do not need to get to a certain amount of purchases. – Every Purchase Counts!

The organization does not need to register with us. – If they are involved in kingdom building, match our core doctrinal beliefs, are a registered 501c3, we want to work with you to support them.

In Greater Detail

How Do You Know How Much Was Donated And When?

With every purchase an average of 12.5% is donated, sometimes it will be more, sometimes less (excluding sales or special items.).

The amount of targeted donation for every item is listed in the product description.

We will contact you after purchase to verify the actual amount!

We will mail a check on the tenth (unless a holiday or weekend) of the next month following the purchase or purchases to the ministry or church you have selected.

How Do I Choose A Ministry Or Church To Donate To?

We have made this really simple and one of the reasons it is important to create an account with Faith Factr. When creating an account with Faith Factr, we will ask you to choose a church or ministry that you would like to donate to. Then, every time you shop at Faith Factr after creating your account, make sure to sign in. Then, every time you complete a transaction, we will give the amount from your transaction to the church or ministry of your choice that you have listed on your account.

Now if you choose not to create an account and choose to check out as a guest, when you fill out the information we need to complete the transaction, we will ask you who you would like to give the profit from your transaction to.

Then, after your purchase we will contact you to verify everything and we will verify that your chosen church or ministry is one we can send that donation to. If there is an issue we will contact you and ask for another recipient. If you did not choose a church or a ministry to receive your gift, then we will choose one of the churches or ministries that we support.

See Simple!

If you have further questions, please contact us at info@faithfactr.com

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